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Monday, October 30, 2006

Be very careful if your ISP is ATT-Yahoo

If you sign up with them, they claim rights to all of your personal information, and I mean all.
The full story is in the Oct issue of PCWorld magazine.
The link shows you what they put on their website.


War on terrorism is a joke

Make that a sick joke, worse than the war on drugs. The war on drugs was never meant to be won. It was to attack the poorest element in American society, and to support evil dictators and death squads in other countries. The drug kingpins jet-set around the world and nobody bothers them.
Maybe a war on terror isn't the smartest plan, but if we actually wanted one, we sure got off course real fast.
America has had a long history of accepting dictators and despots when it suits us. Even though the book, War Is A Racket by Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler, is about 70 years old, it is still a good read. If we wanted a real war on terror, the evil Saddam would made a much better ally than an enemy. There was not one Arab country who had a leader who hated the fundi Muslims more than he did.
The one time we should have stayed the course, Bush and the rest of the rats jumped ship.

About the MLB playoffs

It seems that if you are trying to win you should not help your opponent.
About any game that was lost, the loosing team only had to look in the mirror to see why they lost.
Mental and physical mistakes in the field
Mental and physical mistakes on the basepaths
Mental and physical mistakes on the mound.
After a month of spring training and 162 games, you would think they would know how to play the game.

Sorry, John Charles but the Tigers deserved to lose.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The gov't doesnt want the tapes released

Because what they show is so barbaric. Did they ever stop to think that the better solution was not to have done it in the first place.



Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Amish killings---Part two

No matter what kind of laws we have someone like this shooter will fall through the cracks. I won't give him the satisfaction of even using his name.
I am using him only as a comparison.
He was a caucasian male.
He had a family who loved him. A wife and three children.
He had a house out in the country.
He had a job.
He lived the middleclass life.
Just imagine if this had been a black man. A man who had lived his whole life in slums surrounded by drugs and gangs.
The extreme right would have been calling for the deportation of the blacks.
The right would claim that this is why we need racial profiling.
Bill Bennett would be on all of the religious channels claiming this is why we need to abort all black babies.
The religious right, who have been strangely quiet on this story, would lay all of the blame on video games and rap music.

It seems as if it just depends on whose bull is getting gored.

The Amish killings---Part one

One little Amish schoolgirl brings shame to the religious right, the American taliban, the Christian coalition, whatever you want to call them.

At least some people in America actually open the Bible and read and understand what it says.
Remember that Jesus guy who talked about love, and kindness, and sacrifice, and forgiveness.
This is the complete opposite of what the religious right says. They use religion to promote greed and lust and hate and torture and war.

Good for you young miss.
I intentionally left her name out in deference to their religion. They do not seek fame and notoriety.

Adoph blames the liberal media

He says they are pro-communist and anti-Christian.
They misrepresented the story of him sending help to his good friend Francisco Franco. Spain was on the verge of being taken over by insurgents and terrorists.
They didn't give him credit for not dropping atomic bombs on London and Moscow.
He only went into Austria and other countries because he knew for a fact that they had WMD's.
The liberal media didn't write about the millions of Jews around the world that he didn't kill.
The liberal media always talks about dead civilians, when they should have been calling these people un-uniformed enemy combatants.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

So I went one for three

In baseball that could get me a big contract.
I knew that George Bush was a low-life when he was Gov. of Texas. Then lo and behold he becomes president. People can debate how he became president all they want, but it doesn't change anything because it is over and done with.
Then we had 9/11 and the whole world cried out, 'We are all Americans now'. I thought that even a dirtbag like Bush couldn't screw this up. Well, now I am 0 for 1.
Then we went to Afghanistan. This was a country run by religious extremists, who were probably second to the Spanish Inquisition in being evil. Nobody liked them and we were going after Osama anyway. Then it became 'Osama who' and we turned the country over to drug lords. So now I am 0 for 2.
Then we invaded Iraq for no apparent reason than Bush wanting to be a war president. I was absolutely sure that nothing good could ever come from this inept folly. So I wound up going 1 for 3.
I wonder what the Vegas odds are on Bush ever doing anything intelligent?