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Monday, April 30, 2007

The news media,complient to disaster

They never run out of stories about Anna Nicole, Gary Condit, Paris Hilton. Look at what they do in the real world.
George Wussy Bush says that the secterian killing has gone down in Iraq. He fails to mention that he completely ignores car bombs and suicide bombs, and the 'liberal media' does not even question it.
**Car bombs and other explosive devices have killed thousands of Iraqis in the past three years, but the administration doesn't include them in the casualty counts it has been citing as evidence that the surge of additional U.S. forces is beginning to defuse tensions between Shiite and Sunni Muslims.**
Mitt Romney says that going after Osama is a waste of time, and the 'liberal media' forgets all about "Osama Dead or Alive"
Condi Rice says the reason the US believed that Saddam had WMD's is because the UN inspectors told us so.
The 'liberal media' lets this completely slide and never tells us that the UN weapon inspectors told us the complete opposite. That Saddam did not have WMD's.http://thinkprogress.org/2007/04/29/rice-un-weapons-inspectors/

Condi again says that since she is a big shot republican, that makes her above the law. And this is another story the 'liberal media' ignores. I guess they think republicans are above the law.

Lets not forget George and Alberto, even if the 'liberal media' lets it slide. George says he has more confidence in Alberto since he answered all the questions so well.
**But at least one person found Alberto Gonzales's testimony to be thoroughly enlightening. George W. Bush said last week that, "The attorney general went up and gave a very candid assessment and answered every question he could possibly answer, in a way that increased my confidence in his ability to do the job."Yes, you read that right - Gonzales's testimony, where he said some variation of "I can't recall" at least 70 times - has actually increased Bush's confidence in the Attorney General.**

When honesty rears its ugly head you will see that Keith Olberman is the only liberal in the 'liberal media'. In truth, the media is so far to the right, that it could not find center with both hands and a seeing-eye dog.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Bush, some terrorists are alright.

There is no way that what this man,Luis Posada Carriles, and friends did, could not be seen as terrorists acts. He is living out his life in Florida, because George thinks he might be persecuted for his acts if he were to be deported to Cuba or Venezuela.

An update for May 6

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Another 'made in America' massacre

So this shooter causes the deaths of 32 people at Virginia Tech. As in my earlier post about the murder of the Amish girls, I refuse to give the shooter the dignity of using his name.
So now lets see how this plays out.
The anti-gun people will use this as a reason to have stricter gun laws.
The pro-gun people will use this as a reason that everybody should go around packing heat.
The religious right will blame it on rap music.
The far right media will claim the shooter was a Muslim.(Don't laugh, it has already happened)

What we really need to take out of this is for America to wake up and see what is happening in Iraq.
Since George Wimp Bush has decieved America into his occupation of Iraq, this is an every day occurance in that country.
What we call a horrific event and a tragedy, is the same horror that the citizens of Iraq have put up with day in and day out. Thanks 'evil personified' 43.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Some stories write themselves Part D

Having nothing else to say, some republicans like
Orin Hatch just resort to telling out and out lies.


We already knew that Dick Cheney was not above telling lies.

Some stories write themselves PartC

George uses the civil rights commission to protect the rights of white folks.


Some stories writ themselves B

One of the new attorneys appointed by George claims to have dictatorial powers and sits around quoting Bible verses. And all along I thought these attorneys were supposed to represent the citizens.



Some stories write themselves

College republicans take out a loan to have Newt come and visit with them. Then they default on the loan. It must be the GOP way.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Looney Fred Phelps is at it again

Now he is attacking Sweden because they don't believe that gays should be murdered.