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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Wow, another 'DUH' moment.

A November 2007 Harris poll found that less than 15 percent of the population believes each of the following industries to be "generally honest and trustworthy:"

Well, actually I am surprised that it is this high.


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wish this was a story from The Onion

Unfortunately it is not.
A DynCorp employee was killed when out in the field. The armored car he needed was being used to transport hookers for his bosses.
Read down further on the link about DynCorp and their actions in Bosnia.
Some people have said that they should get no more government contracts.
I agree with that but these execs belong in prison.

Other links to the same story.


A couple of DUH moments

As in, we already knew that.
Scott McClellan admits that the Iraq invasion was created with lies and half-truths.

The administration polluted the airwaves with propagandists and passed them off as experts.

Maybe someday all of the networks will get a clue.
The media is as responsible for this debacle as Bush is.
They are the ones who passed off lies and half-truths as if they were gospel.
They are the ones who passed off propagandists as experts.
They are the ones who denied air time to anybody who had a different opinion.
It is time for a Teddy Roosevelt moment.
Time to bring out the big hammer and bust up the conglomerates.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Reason 7153, why phony Christians should never be elected.

Sure like everybody else they have a right to run for office. A right that should never be taken away. That doesn't mean that any free thinking person should vote for them.
This isn't mine, I took it directly from the DU. They get the credit.
Paul Broun
Two weeks ago U.S. Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA) introduced a bill which would, according to Raw Story, "close what he calls a loophole that allows the continued distribution of pornography to soldiers, to their moral detriment, with the help of taxpayer funds." Basically, Broun and some of his friends in Congress (not to mention various right-wing "pro-family" groups) would like to ban nudie magazines like Playboy and Penthouse from the top shelves of military base stores.
So let me get this straight.Brave Americans who want to serve their country join the military. (Or, recruiters prey on kids and encourage them to lie and cheat to get in.) The Pentagon sends them over to Iraq to fight in an illegal war. We keep them out there for years and prevent them from leaving the military via the stop-loss policy. We provide them with tainted water and substandard equipment. Dozens die every month. If they die, we hide them from view. If they're injured, we put them in rotting, rodent-infested hospital rooms. If they make it home safe, we cut their benefits.
And Paul Broun wants to make sure they can't see Playboy Magazines.
Nice to see he's got his priorities straight.

Nothing says 'I'm a Christian' like a good old-fashioned bookburning.
Guess they couldn't find any witches.