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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hypocricy thy name is Palin

Ms Palin is the mother of 5 children, which was certainly her choice. The government never told her she had to have an abortion, and they never should. This isn't our best buds, China.

At the same time she wants to take the choice away from other women, and have her choice as the only option available.

That is not only hypocricy, that is pure arrogance.

We have a government who reads our e-mails, sees the books we get at the library, sees what we order on our credit cards. Now Ms Palin wants this same government to be in charge of medical procedures and the bedroom.
Yeah right, as in never.

Bill Kristol says Bush is insane

Yes, that chickenhawk warlover Bill Kristol.
The GOP platform: Vote for McCain or we are going to have another war.
Instead of leaving Sen.Obama a disaster, George is going to supersize it.
Here is a person(I wouldn't call him a man) who belongs in a padded room.
I am talking about crazy George this time, not chickenhawk Kristol.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Myth of 'The Liberal News Media'

I will admit that the media may have been liberal 40 years ago. This isn't 40 years ago.
The problem isn't left or right, but center. I mean center, as a starting point. The wackjobs who cry 'liberal news media' go so far to the right as a group like the John Birch Society, then they call everything to the left of that, liberal. You could get just the opposite by using Mother Jones as center and calling everything to the right of it as conservative.

The real reason I posted about this myth.
Remember about a week ago, Sen.McCain went to Sturgis? The media did their normal fawning job, talking about how warmly Sen.McCain was greeted. They completely failed to mention the rest of the debauchery that goes on at Sturgis. Must have just slipped their mind.

Can you imagine the media stories, if Sen.Obama had taken a day and went to party with the Bloods or the Crypts? That would be a major news story for the rest of the campaign and 6 months afterwards.

Everybody is guilty, according to DHS

Sometimes they just aren't sure what we are guilty of.

A woman in California was threatened with arrest and forced to leave a government building because a security guard took offence at her T-shirt.

Folks, we are giving these groups way too much power.
The more they get, the more they want,
The more they get, the harder it will be to take away the power.


Monday, August 25, 2008

Well it has to be Buffy's fault

Just Google, Church of England+Buffy to get a whole page of links.

They are just now getting around to thinking about this?
The show was over 5 years ago.
It seems they believe that Buffy is the reason women are leaving the CoE.

Sure, Buffy was blonde with the IQ of a turnip.
I do remember where she got a job at a fastfood place. If she wasn't a slayer, that would have been the job she was most qualified for.
Buffy did represent a strong independent woman, Where too many guys like to use religion to keep women 'in their place'.
You know, sit down, shut up, and don't have an original thought.

I wonder what will be next? Are they going to blame StarTrek for having people believe that the future will be good? Or maybe believing that there will be a future?

The greatest 'con' going

I will admit that there wasn't any certain story that got me to think about this.
Consequently there will be no links with this.

Con men like Dobson, Wildmon, Robertson, Hagee(Probably more than a few women also), have the greatest con going.
A person's belief is between them and their maker,JEHOVAH.
Istead of trying to sell you a bridge in Brooklyn, these folks are selling seats in Heaven.
Unlike the bridge, this can never be confirmed or denied, while you are alive.

Willie Sutton said he robbed banks because that was where the money was.
These people have gone into religion because that is where the real money is.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The evil 'Do Ny Fly' list

So now an airline pilot and his wife are put on the list.
Now he gets fired from his job as an airline pilot.
Nobody can or will tell him why he is on the list or how he got there.

Things like the TSA and DHS were never meant to defend America. They are tools to attack and punish ordinary Americans.


Maybe America is again regaining some semblance of sanity.
At least one judge has ruled that people can challange their inclusion on this list.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

McCain camp again insults real Christians

You have to follow the wackjob bouncing ball.
Obama is a muzzie
Obama is a racist
Obama is Paris and Britney
Obama is Jesus and Moses.
So they are saying that Paris and Britney are actually Jesus and Moses. And Jesus and Moses are racist Muslims.
That is the kind of insult that only John Hagee would like.

Part Deux.
Obama is also the anti-Christ, according to John McCain.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Well I will call it racist.

Sen.Obama won't come out and say it, but I have no trouble saying it.
Just look at two news stories in the last week.
First the story on AIDS. When this issue is discussed, one of the first things talked about is its effect on the minority community.
For years the CDC under reported the number of AIDS cases. This way they wouldn't have to ask for more money to fight the disease. Money that went for war and tax cuts for the rich. Now we have a minority person running for president and all of a sudden the CDC finds the problem is much worse than thought.
Sure it just happened to come out now, and I believe in the Easter Bunny too.

Second, about a week ago Sen. McCain came out in his opposition to Affirmative Action. Neither campaign had been discussing this and there were no news stories about this topic. Sen. McCain is making references to the Obamas,both of whom graduated from college. He is saying that they aren't really qualified to be in the Whitehouse, because they aren't good old white folk like he is.
So lets look at some real facts.
There were many people much more qualified the attend the Naval Acadamy than John McCain. The only reason he got to go was because his daddy was an Admiral.
The only reason his daddy could reach that position was because he was white. At that time there were no Admirals who were black, oriental, native American.
The only reason John McCain is in the position he is in today is because of Affirmative Action for whites.
John tends to forget that like he does a lot of other things.

Now you have the McCain celebrity ads. It shows Sen. Obama and a couple of little white girls.
This ad is targeted at limp wristed white young men who can't get a date and want to blame someone else for their problem.

You can't make this silliness up

You buy a used car for your kid to go to college, you pay tax on it.
You buy a fishing boat, you pay tax on it.
You buy a lawnmower, weed wacker, snow blower, you pay tax on it.
You buy a yacht and you get a tax write-off on it. You wouldn't expect anybody who can afford a yacht to pay taxes on it.

The next is a story about a person complaining about how much it costs to fuel a yacht.
They might ave to buy fewer designer handbags or clothes.
Not only is the yacht a write-off, but these are the people who got the vast majority of the tax cuts.
You just can't give rich people enough to make them happy.