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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Obama and Israel

It is not totally about an attack on president Obama.
The far right in America has never forgiven Jimmy Carter for brokering a peace deal between Israel and Egypt, which has lasted for over three decades.
Dim bulb43 found it might be too much work to try and solve the problem.
Can you imagine how livid the right would be if president Obama creates a situation in which Israel and the Palestinians can live in peace?
Sure the odds are long on that, but at least he is making an attempt.

It is easier to be a peacemaker when you don't throw your total support behind one side or the other.

Prez Obama and Ireland

It definitely shows a difference in US presidents.
Look at any web site you want that archives pictures.

Bill Clinton goes to Ireland and you see pictures of Bill outside speaking to throngs of Irish people.
George 43 goes to Ireland and you see pictures of military vehicles and barricaded roads with George inside talking to a hand picked group of supporters.
President Obama goes to Ireland and again you see a speech outside to a large group of Irish people.

Even if people in the US can't see it, people of the world can tell the difference between our presidents.