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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Halry Barbour, what is in the water?

Leaving office he pardoned four murderers.


In 2008 he pardoned four other men convicted of killing wives/girlfriends.
He must view women's lives as pretty cheap.

This is the same Barbour who fought long and hard to keep the Scott sisters in prison.

Candidates from the clown car brigade.

Michele Bachmann-science is satanic.
Newt-wants to take food stamps from blacks.
Santorun-wants to take public assistance from blacks.
Mitt-says it is immoral for US government to come to the aid of Americans devastated by natural disasters.
Paul-wants to turn America into one big MadMax movie.
Perry- is writing a book 'Why rapists are Gods gift to women'.

Huntsman- just not nearly insane enough to get the nomination.

About Herman Cain

I understand Herman dropped out of the race a couple of months ago.
That leaves me with a big question.

Herman made it clear that God had visited him and told him to run for president.
I thought that when God came to you personally, you were supposed to do what you were told.
Abraham did what he was told and became a great leader, Jonah not so much so.