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Monday, June 06, 2005

Some of the terms I use

I may use different words in my posts and I will try to explain what I mean by them
CONS -This is short for neo-cons. These people are not conservatives. Conservatives believe in small government, staying out of the lives of private citizens, staying out of the business of soverign nations, and sound fiscal policy. Cons don't believe in any of this. Cons belong to both of the major political parties but most of them are Republicans. Cons represent pure evil. They have no redeeming social value.
CHRISTIANS- I admire those who are true Christians. They lead their lives after Christ, remember that Jesus guy? I would 'guess' that they make up less than ten percent of those who call themselves Christians. The rest are phony Christians and are the followers of Pat Robertson, Fatso Falwell, Fred Phelps and others. I have absolutely no use for them! They are nothing more than the American taliban.
ISRAEL-I am only talking about the nation Isreal, if I say anything negative. My posts are not meant to condemn Jews. I have no problem with the Jewish race or their religion.


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