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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

GWB is going to buy the Washington Nationals

That is their baseball team for anyone who doesn't know. Not out of his money, naturally. It will become part of the Homeland Security budget. They have stolen enough millions already, a little bit more won't be noticed. HSA will use eminent domain and take a couple of hundred acres of prime land. HSA will build a stadium and it and the team will be given to the Bush family in perpetuity for one dollar a year, to honor George for giving America 'most hated nation' status. And for his tireless efforts to bring baseball back to Washington, you know that is hard work.
All the construction and and then everyday operations will be awarded, on a non bid basis, to the Halliburton company. Halliburton tends to overpay their employees, so the contract for the actual workforce will be awarded to Wal-Mart.
They want a large attendance so the price of seating will be in line with what all the other clubs charge. For an additional $ 5,000.00 per game contribution to the GOP you can sit in the dugout with the players.
With HSA paying the player salaries they shoud be able to put a formidable team on the field.
With special MLB rules set up for the Washington team, they should win a lot of games. Any time during the course of the game that they take the lead, the 'Mission Accomplished' banner will be raised and the team declared victorious.
The players will likely win gold gloves and the ERA title, since no one will have to admit making a mistake.
They are called the Nationals, but their nickname is the Nats. To honor George's best friends, Bill Frist, Rush, and Rumy their minor league teams will be nicknamed, Cats, Fats, and Rats.


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