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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

How to become a neo-nitwit

I am not talking about politicians or the moving mouths that the GOP has polluted our airwaves with. These people used to be called the man on the street. Now they have become the ones who post on the web. I can't understand their thought patters, because I don't think they have any. So lets take a look at the ideas they post.
They scream and cry about how much they hate those muzzies, yet they have no problem with thousands of Americans dying to protect the muzzies they claim to hate.
They are willing to withdraw American troops so the US can carpet bomb Iraq back to the stone age, or even use nukes on them. But they are not willing to withdraw the American troops to save the lives of the soldiers.
They call Muslims heathens, butchers, and cowards for killing civilians, Yet they claim the US would be better off if we killed more civilians.

As I said there is no rational thought pattern with these people, they have just let fear and hatred take control of their minds.


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