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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

9 years old and brand new.

The Outer Limits episode was released Feb.6,1998.
It is called 'Hearts And Minds'.
On an uninhabited planet, a clean abundent source of energy is found that can solve Earth's problems.
But there is a fly in the soup. A group of evil barbaric aliens don't want us to have it.
The military is sent there to drive them off. At the same time miners on the planet are told that a group of evil barbaric aliens are coming to take over the planet. Each side is given a psychotropic drug, a pretence to protect them from diseases carried by the aliens. In reality it causes each side to see the others as these evil barbaric aliens. There are no aliens, it is just Earthers killing each other off. The energy companies found they could make a lot more profit off this new resource, if there was a war going on.


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