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Thursday, July 26, 2007

The religious nationalist hypocrites.

This is the group that claims that if you posted The Ten Commandments everywhere we would live in Utopia.
Just posting these would not stop anybody, either an athesist or a person who goes to church, from breaking them.
I wonder if they ever read them?
I guess the answer to that would be no, since there is not one that says, 'Thou shall not have gay marriage'.
There is one of them, specifically the 9th one, that says you should not bear false witness. That is a nice Biblical way of saying that you shouldn't lie.
So you would think that these religious nationalists would have demanded that Scooter go to prison. Well just the opposite, they are the ones who applauded the fact that he got off.
These people have an agenda and it is not Biblical at all, it is called taking over the government.
Just look what their agenda stands for.
Lying for God.
Stealing for God.
Killing for God.
Cheating for God.
Racism for God.
Adultry for God.
and my favorite
Genocide for God.


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