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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Press Blackout On S 1959,

So Americans are not capable of understaning how our government works. We are not permitted to know about this bill. The great American press that served this nation so well over the last many generations has turned tail and run away. Oh for those days of the 'Liberal media' when the press kept us informed.
The truth always has a liberal bias.
This isn't even a minor blackout but one of epic proportions.
Under S 1959, just disagreeing with the government can be a criminal act. You say that is not what the bill says? Remember all of those signing statements that Group W Bush has made. He claims that he can interpret the law any way he wants to, because he is president and you are not.
A t-shirt with the Constitution on it can be against the law.
Demanding your rights be protected can be against the law.
Opposing torture can be against the law.
You say these are worst case scenerios, well sure they are.
Worst case scenerios are all you get from this administration.


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