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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Is Venezuela our next huge mistake?

Hugo Chavez might never be our ally, but there was a good chance he would have been our friend. Instead we have an administration who will not accept anything that does follow their one narrow road. With them it is 'my way or the highway'. We have two governments with two sets of ideas, but all we have done is threaten him and call him names.
The rest of this is about our other mistakes in the last century.
Oh, you are one of those blame America people. Well, I say bull, and a lot more, to that. This is historical fact, just look it up for yourselves.

You remember WWII or you at least saw a movie about it. Before the war the area known as Indo China was controlled by the French and Dutch. They pulled their people out to fight the war. During these years the people of Indo China found out that they could get along without their foreign overseers. One of their leaders known as Ho Chi Minh. He pleaded with the US, you can blame Truman for this. He said he wanted to be our friend. The Dutch and French owed the US a great debt and it would be nice for us to tell them not to try and retake the lands in Indo China. We told him to, well it wasn't nice what we told him. He turned to Josef Stalin and asked him to be his friend. The Soviets didn't think twice and we paid for our mistake with over 50,000 dead Americans.
Now we move forward to the early 1950s. The government of what we now call Iran was an elected parliamentary government, like Englands. They voted for members of Parliament who elect a Pmime Minister.
Their PM was Mohammad Mosaddeq who opposed outside intervention and wanted the oil companies to do more to help the Iranian people. Screw with oil profits and you are gone. His government was overthrown by our CIA, and replaced with the brutal Shah. The Shah was happy to let others control the country as long as they lavished gifts on him. He was replaced in the Iranian Revolution, and we have had 30 years of problems with them.
Then we go to the late 1950s to a small island nation called Cuba. It was a perfect example of what Grover Norquist wants America to become. The wealthy elite owned the whole country and the population was mere peasants to be used and abused as they saw fit. So this guy named Fidel Castro overthrows the government. He asks the US to help him rebuild the nation. Again, he didn't agree with us 100% so he was ignored. So Fidel turns to the Soviets who were more than happy to help him. Up until that point Fidel wasn't a communist. And for whatever reason Cuba is still a thorn in our sides. I can only hope that President Obama can solve this problem.
Finally, I don't know the exact years, there was a wealthy Saudi Prince named Osama bin laden. His sense of country and his religion was offended by US bases in Saudi Arabia. We all know the story of Osama if he is even still alive. But what are we doing now? We have plans for huge military bases in Iraq so we can offend another whole generation of Osamas. In the future when they are attacking America or our interests we will only say that we can't figure out why these meanies don't like us.


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