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Monday, May 04, 2009

Socialism and capitalism

There are numerous websites that will discuss these two isms. I am not going to try and compete with them, but just bring some common sense to the ideas.
The first time our government built a road for ordinary people to ride their horses and buggys on, that was a socialist act. Allowing people to vote who weren't white landowners was a socialist act. Anybody who claims our government is a socialist government is so far off the deep end that they must have their mommies wash their white sheets for them, because they aren't capable of doing it themselves.
I hope most people know what the EU(European Union) is? According to their charter a country must have a free-market economy to be a member. So countries like England, France, and the Scandinavian countries have free-market econonies.
This isn't conservatives vs liberals anymore. It is the wacko brigade vs anybody who can think for themselves.

Capitalism in itself isn't a bad idea. Other than the few small businesses that haven't been driven under by the corporate giants, we don't have any capitalism in this country. We haven't had for more than a few decades.
Those who call themselves capitalists are nothing more than the slavers from a couple of centuries ago. The only real difference is that instead of bringing slaves to this country. they take a work to the slaves.


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