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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Stand you ground.

I guess when a person has been around long enough, things that happen remind me of a movie or TV show I have seen. We have a president who is groveling up to the republicans, corporate interests, and war mongers.
The show is not on Hulu or any similar site I have found. It is on Youtube. In the search bar type 'Trial by Fire+Outer Limits'. It is divided into 5 sections to watch the full episode.

A newly elected leftist president is grabbed from an Inaugural Ball and taken to a secure location. He is informed that we are about to come into contact with aliens, the outer space kind. He has none of his own people in place and all of the advisors are from the previous far right administration.
Oh, you can see where this is going.
He is told that a pre-emptive attack is our only option.
Turns out that the aliens were some sort of an intergalactic welcome wagon.
By the end of the show, we are exchanging warheads with them.
As the would have been first lady said "If you had just stuck by your principles."


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