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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

It is movie time(and TV)

I will be adding to this as I think about things.
Things I have seen in old shows that are relevent for today.
The first two star Charles Bronson. Don't make anything out of it, it just happened that way.
TWO---a 1961 Twilight Zone episode. Charles Bronson and Elizabeth Montgomery, before anyone ever heard of either of them. Two soldiers left alive after a devastating war. One from each side. There was a recruiting poster on one of the buildings.
Come join our glorious war. We are taking men and women of all ages. We will take you and your 12 year old grandaughter. Help defend the rich, they won't do it themselves. I added the last part.
TELEFON---1977. Charles Bronson and Lee Remick. An attack on military instalations is being investigated. One man asks if they should involve the FBI. The other one answers "The FBI would love that, it would give them an excuse to investigate the folk dancing society". You talk about being right up to date.
SPECIAL BULLETIN----1983 Made for TV. 5 terrorists try to set off a nuclear bomb in Charleston SC???. One of them is a bank robber. The other 4 'terrorists', are 2 scientists, a civil rights activist, and a school teacher. How far can America push it's citizens before the citizens start to push back?


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