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Sunday, May 07, 2006

An editorial from Buzzflash

Mainstream Media Treatment of CIA Chief Resignation is Astounding and Pathetic
May 6, 2006
You know, the mainstream media is so far up the butt of the Bush Administration that you wonder if they can see the near-beer floating around in his stomach. Take the startling, astonishing Porter Goss sudden resignation on a fabled Friday afternoon (when the news won't have as much impact because the weekend breaks up the news cycles). The New York Times ran an editorial as if it were all due to a poor peformance on Goss's part. True to form, they didn't hold Bush or Cheney accountable at all. Goss, a former CIA agent, was the House version of Bush Boy Toy I, Kansas Senator Pat Roberts who heads the Misnamed "Senate Intelligence Committee." When in Congress, like Roberts, Goss's role was to cover up any intelligence about illegal Bush behavior or inept national security performance or 9/11 non-performance or lies leading up to the Iraq war. Boy Toy I and Boy Toy II (Goss) were put in their positions in Congres to keep secret any Bush improprietes, lies or ineptitudes. So it was no surprise when Bush appointed Goss head of the CIA. Goss's role was to purge the CIA of any dissidents to the Cheney/Bush Neo-Con party line. In short, Goss was to turn the CIA into a lapdog for White House Policy, instead of an agency that is supposed to provide the government with the best possible information to protect our national security. Most recently, Goss fired a senior staffer for allegedly leaking information about the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld gulag of torture sites that they denied existed. Goss also said the pensions of any retired CIA employees would be cut off if they talked to the press about CIA matters that were considered "classified" (i.e. that revealed the truth about the Bush Administration). He was also given instructions by the White House to ferret out CIA staff who had contributed to John Kerry's campaign. Of course, Goss also brought in some low lifes to assist him, who are now allegedly embroiled with the "Duke" Cunningham, lobbyist hooker gate scandal. This scandal may include Goss himself. So the New York Times Editorial board and most other mainstream papers treat this as if Goss just resigned because the CIA is more of a mess than when he took over. Once again, the mainstream media shies away from holding Bush accountable for appointing Goss in the first place for the purpose of making the CIA a puppet of the White House and Pentagon plans for pre-emptive war and other nefarious strategies. Goss's failure, even if you accept he was fired for mismanagement (when there is likely a whole lot more there), is Bush's failure in appointing him. So why does the mainstream press forget about Bush's role in making our nation less secure, and proof that he is once again the most prolific appointer of incompetents in presidential history. Why? Because, once again, the mainstream media doesn't want to "offend" Bush by telling the truth. Why? Because then the financial regulations and laws that big media companies need (and they are really big media companies that are now part of corporate conglomerates) to turn a bigger profit will be put in jeopardy by a vengeful White House. So, the head of the CIA abruptly quits after a relatively short stint and the only investigative journalism about the remarkable event are happening on the Internet. Astounding and pathetic.


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