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Friday, June 02, 2006

Yes folks, America is in grave danger

But it isn' t time to round up the usual suspects. All the fundi Muslims want to do is attack the US and kill some Americans. No, we are in danger from the American taliban , a group of sub-humans who use religion to cover up their vile hatred of everybody not exactly like them.
There are three different versions of Jesus, G.I. Jesus, Supply Side Jesus, and the Jesus in the Bible. The first two are right from the depths of hell. That is only symbolism, I don't believe that Dante's Inferno has anything to do with the Bible.
If you notice in the article two groups who would be murdered are women who commit adultry and women who lie about their virginity. How convienent for the men who have made up this hogwash.
No it isn't the outsiders but these from the religious right who want to turn America into hell on earth.
The religious right don't end their prayers with Amen, but with zeig heil.


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