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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Defend America, not the Bush crime family

Just look at the new rules they want. There is not one American citizen who could be safe under these rules.
You can be imprisoned forever without a lawyer, without even a phony trial, without access to the ouside world. These people would just be disappeared like what happened in Argentina, among other places.
There is no place in this bill that says that evidence EVER has to be presented against you.
The evil Bush syndicate makes Nixon and his people look like pikers. All Nixon had was his 'enemies list'. All they could do was make life miserable for people Nixon didn't like, but they still had lives to lead. Nixon was a paranoid delusional, but he wasn't an utter fascist like King George. At least Nixon knew that other Americans existed, other than the richest 5%.
It seem that little King George has issued signing statements to the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Bible, which says that they only mean what he says they mean.

And this from, we are all enemy combatants now.
And this from Americablog
Cheney, if you don't vote fascist you are helping al Qaeda


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