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Monday, July 10, 2006

NK to rename their missile fleet

If an effort to create better relationships with the US, N.Korea will give all of their missiles American names.

The Bush Administration missile--It is a failure as soon as it is launched.
The Rush Limbaugh missile--It only stays up for 30 seconds.
The Ann Coulter missile--it is only aimed at a vast area of nothingness.
The Joe Liberman missile--A short range missile, only aimed to attack his own people.
The Michael Wiener missile--Has to be renamed so it won't sound like such a wussy.
The Fred Phelps missile--Only aimed at Arlington National Cemetary.
The Robertson-Falwell missile--If it doesn't work, it is the fault of the gays.
The Bill Clinton missile--It is not really a missile, it just depends on what your definition of missile is.
The Enron missile--Uses up lots of fuel then self destructs.
The Haliburton missile--Costs billions to make and you get nothing in return.
The Diebold missile--No matter what happens, we have our own numbers to prove it was a success.
The DLC missile--It is a missile if Bush says so.
The RNC missile--Anybody who reports about it is a traitor.
The NASCAR missile--Goes 500 miles and winds up back where it started.
The WWE missile--It is a fake missile but looks real to the unintelligent.
The Tom DeLay Hot Air Baloon--It really really wanted to be a missile, but all of the lesser missiles took up all the good spots.


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