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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

We are all stuck in a movie.

The American citizens who are sick, poor, elderly, the working class, the middle class, (even those who refuse to admit it) are represented by Linda Hamilton. The wealthy elitist of the GOP are the machines from The Terminator.
You can't bargain with them.
You can't reason with them.
You can't plead with them.
They have no pity.
They have no remorse.
Their only purpose is to destroy you.

Look at two situations. ELF sets fire to new homes being constructed. They are not only called criminals they are called terrorists. A major corporation comes into an area, and greases a few palms from the local government. They are allowed to use eminent domain to drive out families who may have been on that land for generations.
We have to fight law with law, fire with fire, and if need be destruction with destruction.

We can not count on the political parties to help, they are the problem. Ordinary citizens joined together to drive the British from these shores over two hundred years ago, and it will take ordinary Americans to do it again.
The GOP goes into an election cycle and fights it as if it were a war.
The Dems go into an election cycle and act like it is an intramural volleyball game.
So which is worse, the elitists or the Quislings?
We have not come to the point of no return, but every day we are getting closer.


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