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Thursday, March 15, 2007

George and the evil-meter.

Everything George does is evil in one form or another. You can use the main stream media(MSM) as a guage.
If is ordinary evil, it is talked about openly by both sides.
If it is more evil, it is talked about but the MSM gives most of it's time to GOP guests.
If it is the most evil the MSM fills it's pages with 'Clinton did it' stories.
Yes, Bill did fire the attorneys when he took office. And the new ones had to be confirmed by Congress.
The presidents before Bill did the same thing, and George43 did the same thing.
For those people who have a hard time grasping reality, this is completely different.
They were fired for not falling to their knees in Bush worship. These jobs are now being given to white house lackeys. These people are being given the jobs without any Congressional confirmation.

Destroy the patriot act before it destroys America


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