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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Another 'made in America' massacre

So this shooter causes the deaths of 32 people at Virginia Tech. As in my earlier post about the murder of the Amish girls, I refuse to give the shooter the dignity of using his name.
So now lets see how this plays out.
The anti-gun people will use this as a reason to have stricter gun laws.
The pro-gun people will use this as a reason that everybody should go around packing heat.
The religious right will blame it on rap music.
The far right media will claim the shooter was a Muslim.(Don't laugh, it has already happened)

What we really need to take out of this is for America to wake up and see what is happening in Iraq.
Since George Wimp Bush has decieved America into his occupation of Iraq, this is an every day occurance in that country.
What we call a horrific event and a tragedy, is the same horror that the citizens of Iraq have put up with day in and day out. Thanks 'evil personified' 43.


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