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Monday, May 07, 2007

Sarkozy wins an election

And the right goes crazy as Nicolas hits the stage.
He may be deft dumb and blind but he isn't their new messiah.
I hate to burst a bubble, so early into the partying, but the conservatives of Europe are more liberal than the Dems in the US.
Things that will not happen.
Adolph's birthday will not become a French national holiday. Even the French have limits to taking days off.
The French will not loose their rights, and there won't be brownshirts on every corner checking papers.
He won't be checking with Christian nationalists every time he makes a decision.
There will not be 50,000 French troops joining in with George's crusade of world conquest.
The Muslim minotity will not be put into concentration camps.
One of his first statements said that George will have to take a leadership role in solving global warming. He must not be owned by the energy companies.
Now I will let the far righters go back into their drug induced dream world.


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