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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Valerie, yes that Valerie

You remember the lady who got punished for being a good American, who wouldn't lower herself to suck-up to the Bush crime family.The far righters claim that since she wasn't undercover at that speficic time, it was alright to out her at her job.
So I will run with that idea.

Of all of our government departments, how many people do you think are working undercover at this present time? Less than 10%, less than 5%, probably much less.
So what about those other 95%?
Do you think that the US government should create a web site for them? You know.
A picture of each of them.
A picture of their families.
Their street address.
Their telephone numbers.
Their e-mail addresses.
The department they work for.
Their job description and title.
Well I think this is wrong. It doesn't matter if it is all of them, 20 of them, 10 of them, 5 of them, or one of them.
This administration will put their own desires ahead of those of the American public.


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