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Monday, February 04, 2008

Brothel workers for Ron Paul

I just have two things to say about this topic.
The first one will be very short.
No matter what one thinks about these ladies and what they do for a living, they have as much right to their opinion as any other American.

The second issue is about Ron Paul.

Ron Paul has no chance of getting the GOP nomination for president. He might have been able to run with Eisenhower, or even Nixon. He is too much of a conservative to run with the modern GOP. They are controlled by rightwing lunatics and Christian nationalists. Even so, a lot of people have spent time attacking Ron Paul. I would like to set some of the facts straight about what a president can do.
Ron Paul as president:
CAN immediately withdraw the troops from Iraq. Or S.Korea or Germany or anyplace else as far as that goes.
CAN open up talks with Cuba.

CANNOT do away with the public school system.
CANNOT do away with Social Security.
CANNOT replace the IRS and put in a tax system that he wants.


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