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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Well I will call it racist.

Sen.Obama won't come out and say it, but I have no trouble saying it.
Just look at two news stories in the last week.
First the story on AIDS. When this issue is discussed, one of the first things talked about is its effect on the minority community.
For years the CDC under reported the number of AIDS cases. This way they wouldn't have to ask for more money to fight the disease. Money that went for war and tax cuts for the rich. Now we have a minority person running for president and all of a sudden the CDC finds the problem is much worse than thought.
Sure it just happened to come out now, and I believe in the Easter Bunny too.

Second, about a week ago Sen. McCain came out in his opposition to Affirmative Action. Neither campaign had been discussing this and there were no news stories about this topic. Sen. McCain is making references to the Obamas,both of whom graduated from college. He is saying that they aren't really qualified to be in the Whitehouse, because they aren't good old white folk like he is.
So lets look at some real facts.
There were many people much more qualified the attend the Naval Acadamy than John McCain. The only reason he got to go was because his daddy was an Admiral.
The only reason his daddy could reach that position was because he was white. At that time there were no Admirals who were black, oriental, native American.
The only reason John McCain is in the position he is in today is because of Affirmative Action for whites.
John tends to forget that like he does a lot of other things.

Now you have the McCain celebrity ads. It shows Sen. Obama and a couple of little white girls.
This ad is targeted at limp wristed white young men who can't get a date and want to blame someone else for their problem.


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