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Monday, August 25, 2008

Well it has to be Buffy's fault

Just Google, Church of England+Buffy to get a whole page of links.

They are just now getting around to thinking about this?
The show was over 5 years ago.
It seems they believe that Buffy is the reason women are leaving the CoE.

Sure, Buffy was blonde with the IQ of a turnip.
I do remember where she got a job at a fastfood place. If she wasn't a slayer, that would have been the job she was most qualified for.
Buffy did represent a strong independent woman, Where too many guys like to use religion to keep women 'in their place'.
You know, sit down, shut up, and don't have an original thought.

I wonder what will be next? Are they going to blame StarTrek for having people believe that the future will be good? Or maybe believing that there will be a future?


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