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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hypocrisy reigns supreme.

Ann Coulter, trying to contain her glee with the murder of Dr.Tiller, admitted that there could be some law against murder. Ann said it wasn't up to her to impose her moral values on another, as long as it is a murderer, apparently. If that 'other' person was gay she would be more than willing to impose her moral values.
Ann Coulter has the moral values of Charlie Manson.

You can also add arrogance to this one.
Gov.Sanford, found to have been with his Argentine mistress claims that he is no different than King David in the Bible.
I guess that means that the republicans can now just call them Temple Prostitutes and it will make everything OK.
Maybe next time Gov.Sanford could just join Rush and his old guy friends on one of their kiddie cruises. I am sure some of our wacko fundi leaders could find a way to morally justify this. For the right price,anyway.


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