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Thursday, April 08, 2010

War For Oil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last fall T Boone Pickens oil magnate, went before congress and admitted it was a war for oil.
We all knew it was a war for oil, even those who promoted the war, but it was nice to see him admit it.
The more I read of this the more disgusted I became. Mr Pickens claims that the US energy companies deserve the Iraqi oil.
Well first Professor Obvious can tell you that the oil belongs to the Iraqi people.
What does Mr Pickens use as his reasoning? The trillion dollars or so that was spent and the more than 5000 American lives.
That is what frosted my spinach.
Some how that gives the energy companies the right to make more of a profit from the American people.
Well I got bad news here for you T Boone.
That trillion dollars was not put up by the oil companies but by the American taxpayer.
The dead were not children and grandchildren of the oil magnates, but children of the American taxpayers.
You may have heard the old saying, 'Put up or shut up'.
Your kind didn't put up anything, now is the time you should just shut up.,2933,387961,00.html


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