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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A second civil war

The wingnut crazies(hate radio,Fox, Sharon Angle, Michele Bachman)are demanding that their lackeys start a second civil war.
I didn't think that the second civil war started until 2268,(Shattered Dreams), but that is another story.
Maybe if those lackeys used a few brain cells and looked at the first civil war, they wouldn't be so anxious to have another one.
The slaves were owned by the plantation owners, the industrialists and the wealthy. The average southerner didn't own slaves. The wealthy convinced the average southerner that it was in their own best interest to fight and die for the wealthy's right to own slaves. In fact not having slavery would have been in the own best interest of a southerner. The business owners would have been forced to hire employees.
Again ordinary Americans are told that if you vote against what is best for them, they will benefit in the long run. There are people who have waited 30 years to get trickled down on. Apparently 30 years isn't long enough.


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