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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Calling out Rick Perry

Rick Perry said Obama aided drilling in Brazil.

We found Perry is referring to two things: Obama's trip to Brazil in March 2011, which was intended to encourage growing economic and political ties to the country, and a decision by the Ex-Im Bank, an independent agency, to offer a preliminary commitment to a Brazilian oil company in April 2009.
In the 2011 speech all president Obama said was that the US would be a customer of theirs.

On the Ex-Im loan, Obama had no role in approving it. When the bank’s board of directors made that decision on April 14, 2009, all five directors were appointed by Bush. Obama had no appointees on the board at that time.
And all the loan was for was to allow Brazil to buy American oil drilling equipment.
So you crazies would rather Brazil buy the equipment from China?

I give Rick Perry the benefit of the doubt at not being stupid. Being the phoniest of a phony Christian, he knew it was a lie when he said it.


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