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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Let's play 'suppose'

Let's play 'suppose'
Suppose you have a younger sister or a daughter.
Suppose she had a minor fender bender after having a few drinks.
Suppose she went out on a date a few times with a guy who was a dirtbag.
Suppose she dies in an auto accident.
Suppose bloggers and web sites all over America clapped and cheered at her death. Saying she deserved to die because of her degenerate lifestyle.

Conservative bloggers and web sites all over America are trying to portray Trayvon Martin as the most evil and vile person who ever lived in this country.
As a Caucasian, an American and a human being, I am embarrassed at what they are doing.
And the worst thing is that most of them would have the nerve to call themselves Christians.


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