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Thursday, December 15, 2005

News Stories---Week of Dec.11

I missed last week, I was AWOL like cokehead Bush.

Who is surprized? Bush did not know there was a difference between Sunni and Shiite Muslims.
We don't want to investigat the theft of 1.3 billion from the Iraq government. Why, because it might hurt the election chances of Allawi.
What else would you expect from the National Vanguard?
Jesus bans AFA
PROTESTERS claims self defence in the murder of an activist nun,Yeah,right.
Seems that way before Bush claimed that Iraq was buying nuclear weapons, those naughty French told them the story was phony. Leave it to those Frenchies to be right again.
If there was any real justice in the US, the whole GOP would be charged with money laundering.
Translating Bush Speak. From Argentina's La Nacion.
The story of the Iraqi resistance,from Mexico's LaJonada. Not what you get from the Washington propaganda machine.
It looks like one of Bush's heros is Josef Stalin
The DMI offers it's injustice index for 2005
No wonder Wally Dell retired. Lawsuit filed against Diebold.

A nice article on the Rev Moon. For those who don't know, he is the one pushing to turn America into a fascist theocracy.
This is a long read but it tells how big business looted Homeland Security. There is nothing too low for them to stoop to, in the name of making a profit.


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