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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

News Stories---Week of Jan.22

Roy Blunt is running for Tom DeLay's post.This story shows he is everything you would expect from a republican
It seems that Paul Wolfowitz is your typical republican after all.He wants to turn the World Bank into his private little club.Any person with honesty and integrity is not invited to join.
Well we did send our political prisoners to other countries.,,1693657,00.html
Well this should be news to nobody. War-Mart makes more profit for it's billionaire owners at the expense of the taxpayers.
General Michael Hayden, who was the head of the NSA, does not even know what the fourth amendment of the Constitution says. you did a heckuva job Michael.
Worse than terrorists right here in the US. You can't question what they do, because they contribute money to the GOP.
The Shiites that bush put into power in Iraq are trying to prove that they can out Saddam, Saddam.
This will come under the 'I am not surprised' title.While Ford is cutting 30,000 jobs they received maybe up to hundreds of millions from the US government. It was given to them under the Jobs Creation Act 2004. We should be truthful and call it the Profit For CEOs Creation Act.


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