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Monday, January 09, 2006

News Stories---Week of Jan.8

It is a cult by any standards.
Bush makes another stupid 'bring it on' comment.Hey George, you're not the king yet.,9171,1145222,00.html
Then there's the perennial debate over the relative demerits of fooling around with an intern vs. fooling an entire country into going to war based on false evidence
This is why we need better regulation of so-called charities.Records for GOP lobbyist Jack Abramoff's Capital Athletic Foundation show that less than 1 percent of its revenue has been spent on sports-related programs for youths, and federal investigators are looking into how large amounts of money were funneled through the nonprofit group to support Abramoff's interests. (Thomas Butler -- The Hill)
I see that loonie Robertson is back in the news.
How far will the government thieves go to make sure people don't hear about the looting they are doing in Iraq?,14173,1682208,00.html

We can make a deal with the people of Iran. You round up all of you right wing leaders and religious fundis and ship them to a deserted island. We will do the same thing in the US. Then they can spend the rest of their natural lives commiserating with each other about how they never thought the people would ever do it. Then the normal people in the US and Iran can live in peace.;_ylt=ApSZgE24YKYPqMjfZRxKFa.s0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTA2Z2szazkxBHNlYwN0bQ--This is what we get in Rupe's America. If you don't like it, censor it.
Just more bad news for Ohio(and America). Election reform bill is actually election theft bill.
How petty can the Bush crime family get? I guess we will never know, because there seems to be no bottom to their barrell.
Remember when we told you how bad John Bolton would be for the UN?Well, we were right again. Bolton is just as evil as anyone could have imagined.
American citizens are being spied on, and it is not right.What type of information could these mine? Your tax, education, vehicle, criminal and welfare records for starters. But also other digital data, such as your travel, medical and insurance records — and DNA tests. Section 505 of the Patriot Act (innocuously titled "Miscellaneous National Security Authorities") extends the type of information the government can obtain without a warrant to include credit card records, bank account numbers and information on Internet use.,1,3860067.story
Why does anyone who calls themself an American, support two buffoons like Bush and Robertson. Thes people want control of your whole life and your body.


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