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Saturday, April 15, 2006

How about some sci-fi for tax day

April 14, 2260 was when Mars and the Outer Colonies declared independence and seceded from the union, the Earth Alliance. This action was because of Morgan Clark became a dictator, posing as a president.
April 15, 2260 Babylon 5 also declared their independence. They stated that they would only follow the Constitution and that Earth Alliance was an illegal government.
I guess some thing change and some things remain the same.
Later on this day was when Capt. Sandra Hiroshi sacrificed herself, her crew and her ship in the name of freedom. She sent her badly damaged ship, the EAS Churchill, on a suicide run to ram the EAS Roanoke whose Commander had decided to stand with the dictator.
For those who didn't follow the series, thanks to our friends the Narn and Mimbari, freedom did prevail.
Wouldn't it be nice to think that sometime in the future we will have heros again?


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