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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

News Stories---Week of Mar.5

Under the catagory of, I am not surprized. With the deaths in coal mines we have had this year, the Bush administration has decided to REDUCE mine safety regulations and fines. Surely, that will solve the problem. At least in will bring more money into the GOP campaign coffers from the mine operators.
George tells us that torturing people for fun is the Christian thing to do. He is not only an insult to America, he is an insult to real Christians.
Look for the two magic words. The insurgents murder people with explosives. The Shiites murder people with government sanctioned death squads. The two magic words are 'murder people',and why is the US supporting the second group? Add this to the 'freedom curfews' and this is what Bush calls democracy.
This is so funny. Cheney's approval rating of 18% put in perspective.It is below Spiro Agnew, Michael Jackson, and O.J., but he is still ahead of Paris Hilton. sad of a person do you have to be, than to start a charity just to give yourself more access to capital? Well, you can be very happy about it if your name is Rick Santorum.
What it has now become. Even the Wall Street Journal is attacking the mindless spending of George Bush. Someone take away his credit cards, while there is still anything left in this nation.
Just imagine that 20 years ago you were sitting around with some of your friends. One of them said that in the future America was being turned into a fascist empire, and that one of the few groups standing up against them was named GOOGLE. Somebody would have given you a dopeslap, and said noting that stupid would ever happen. Well, guess what folks it is happening.
Tom Ridge finally admits what a lot of us have been telling you for a long time. The war on terror is a permanent war. One that will never be over. You can never declare victory, because you can't even say who your enemies are.


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