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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Time to burst a bubble

These are the days that the cons have visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads. They are having their Coultergeist dreams of goosestepping through America. Deciding which Americans should go to the concentration camps and which will go directly to the gas chambers. Hate to burst your bubble cons but you have been had and are not smart enough to see it.
Alito will get his seat on the court. If you had bothered to look at his record you would see that he only votes for the rich and big corporations. He is perfect for this administration for he has already stated that he sees Bush as a supreme being. He consistantly votes against the poor, the injured, the disabled, the elderly and the sick. The cons don't realize that they will be on the wrong side of his decisions just like the rest of the real Americans. It will be the children and grandchildren that will pay the price for this supreme arrogance.
Hey lookey, Canada elected a conservative government. After 15 years of prosperity they decided to change leaders. Well that is the right of the people of that great nation.
What people fail to understand is that a conservative government,whether it be Canada or England or most of Europe is more liberal than most of the Dems in the US. These other countries do not have a far right GOP party. Sure there are some minor parties who will win a few seats but not lead their country. Anyone who thinks Canada is going to be a new haven for fascists is going to be sadly mistaken.


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The truth is out there!!!!

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