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Thursday, February 02, 2006

News Stories---Week of Jan.29

This is what is being passed off as being a moderate.
Arlen Specter said Bush broke the law.
Arlen Specter said Bush committed a criminal act.
Arlen Specter said Bush went against the Constitution.
Now Arlen says that Bush can not be held accountable for his misdeads.Bush is a supreme being and does not have to follow the laws of man.Hey Arlen, is Sammy Alito your brother? You two sound alike.
Maybe this should be called the Devils Triangle. It is all of those billions spent to rebuild Iraq, and the same thing is happening in Afghanistan. The money goes from the American taxpayer to the US government then into the pockets of the corporate elite. The only thing missing is that what these companies were paid to do, is not getting done. They are just stuffing the loot into their pockets and we don't even get kissed.
The GOP only want our soldiers to shed their blood for Bush. Under the stop loss program the only sure way of coming back from Iraq is to die.
The Ohio GOP wants to put an end to voting and the Constitution.They seem to believe that Jim Crow is a really good idea.
The company WWASPS sends American children to places like Jamaica, where they are not covered by American law, to be tortured and brutalized. Since they give campaign contributions to the GOP, our government looks the other way. The big question is,"Is there nobody the GOP will not support in exchange for loot"?
The most important item to put on your resume when applying for a job with the GOP run government."Hire me, I am already a convicted felon"


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