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Monday, July 31, 2006

Now about the 588th night bomber squadron

I said last year I might finish this, so now I will.
There is a few similarities between this and what is going on today in the world.
The 588th was called a night bomber squadron, but it is a real stretch to call the PO-2 a bomber. Before the war some of these planes were being used as cropdusters. The PO-2 was a wooden framed cloth covered bi-plane. They had no armor, most were unarmed, and their top speed was less than WWI bi-planes. These planes went up against the best the Luftwaffe had.
People will say a lot of things about Adolph, but one thing he wasn't, was a military genius. The world should be grateful for that. He refused to take advise from his military advisors, now that sure sounds familiar.
When the Russian front began, the Russians moved their production facilities east of the Ural Mountains. They were safe there because the Germans did not have any long range bombers.
While the Russians were building their Yaks and MiGs, in safety, they took their pilots east to learn to fly the new planes. This left a need for flight crews.
The 588th was an all female unit, consisting mostly of college age girls( ladies). As today in the world, they were sacrificing a younger generation in an effort to drive an enemy from their borders.
The damage done by this unit was marginal at best, but they did serve an important role. They kept the Germans awake all night and in their bunkers. They also forced them to use ammo and fuel that they did not have a lot of. What do you want to call it victory by defeat, winning by loosing?
I am including a few links about the women and their PO-2. These people write much better than I do so read what they say.*http%3A//*http%3A//


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