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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Anybody see a pattern here folks?

Emily Perez is dead.

Who was the first American servicewoman to die in Iraq?

How about an American Samoan?

Jose Antonio Gutierrez, first to die.
and the second to die was Therrel S. Childers

Do you see the pattern yet?
Question? What is 5% of 140,000?
You can put your shoes back on, it is 7,000.
Anybody want to bet that there isn't 7,000 men and women from the richest 5% with their boots on the ground in Iraq. Forget 7,000, how about just 7.
These people should be very thankful for the all volunteer military. That protects them from having to defend or even support this nation.
Maybe if we gave them another round of tax cuts they could send some snot-nosed fratboy into the green zone to have his picture taken. Then he could run away again.


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