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Thursday, July 26, 2007

If this does not scare you

You are the most naive person in the country, you are brain dead, or you like the idea of a totalitarian state.
***Bush Executive Order Targets Domestic Assets***
After almost 7 years, we can see that if there is any way to abuse a law or regulation this administration will go all out for it.
This executive order is so vague, it can mean anything George wants it to mean.
You don't support Geroge's occupation of Iraq,
You don't like tax cuts for the rich,
You think an extra two trillion dollars in debt is too much,
You support workers rights,
You buy Ben and Jerry's ice cream.
Now the government can confiscate all of your property.
Impeach Alberto
Impeach Cheney
The sock puppet is useless without a hand in it.


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