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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Just a local story

Alright, this story really bothered me.I think the term dirtbag is appropriate. First this guy tried to kill his unborn child, then threatened to kill the mother and child. For some reason he can't be sentenced to more than 18 months in prison.
This guy could spend the time reflecting on how fortunate he is. This woman was willing to put up with him and to bear his child. Doubt if that will happen.
The sad part of this story and others like it accross the nation? It would be how desperate some people are to have someone in their lives, even someone who is worthless.
Nowhere did I call this guy a man. That would be an insult to men.
I don't believe in posting other peoples stories, only links to them, but in this case I will make an exception, because our local paper only archieves for 21 days.

LISBON — An East Palestine-area man avoided going to trial by pleading guilty to beating his pregnant girlfriend in an attempt to terminate the pregnancy.Chad R. Null, 26, of state Route 170, pleaded guilty as charged to attempted involuntary manslaughter during a hearing Friday in Columbiana County Common Pleas Court. He had been scheduled to go on trial Tuesday.As part of the plea bargain, the county prosecutor’s office agreed to drop a domestic violence charge related to the same incident and a second domestic violence charge filed last month in county municipal court.Null is scheduled to be sentenced on Dec. 17, and the prosecutor’s office is recommending he be sentenced to six months in a state prison. The charge carries a maximum possible sentence of 18 months in prison.Assistant County Prosecutor Tim McNicol said he offered the plea deal because Null’s girlfriend, Nicole J. Boles, was standing by her man, making her a possibly unreliable witness should the matter have gone to trial.“I think it’s fair to characterize her as uncooperative. She still wants to continue the relationship,” McNicol said, adding, “I see this all the time.”Null admitted to punching the pregnant Boles twice in the stomach on Dec. 20. He reportedly told Boles, “I hope I killed the baby. If I didn’t, the next time I’ll hit you twice as hard.”In addition, Null reportedly dragged Boles around the house by her hair, slammed her head off the bed frame and grabbed her by the face. He also supposedly told her not to worry about child support because if the baby survived he could kill her and the child.Boles later gave birth to a boy, and despite all of what occurred, she asked the charges be dismissed because she wanted Null to be part of their son’s life.When that didn’t happen, Boles asked a no-contact court order in place be modified so Null could drive her to and from doctor appointments. With great reluctance, Judge C. Ashley Pike granted the request, provided a third-party was present.This order was violated on Sept. 24, when Null was charged with domestic violence for reportedly kicking Boles under the chin because she wasn’t fastening the laces on his work boots fast enough to please him.During yesterday’s hearing, Boles again asked the no-contact restriction be lifted so she and Null “can raise (our son) together.”McNicol objected. “At this point, I just don’t think it’s a good idea, your honor,” he said.Judge Pike agreed, and left the no-contact order in place, which allows Null to visit his infant son but only when a third party is present.


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