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Friday, September 28, 2007

The sissy w's from KSFO radio

Worthless, Wimps, Wussys, Weasels, Warmongers(as long as someone else is doing the fighting).
This SallyBoy and his (should be) co-defendents shows how un-American some blabbering mouths can be.
I am not a big Ron Paul supporter, or even a small one, but SallyBoy says that Dr Paul and all of his followers should be killed. Good thing SallyBoy represents the extremest,hate mongering, right or he would be in
big do-do.
My link takes you to, where he provides links to the story.
It is the Sept.25 post.

Remember one very important thing here folks.
These people are on the air at the behest of ABC/Disney.
Sorry for calling them people.


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