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Friday, August 17, 2007

Our mining czar.

I have to first put a disclaimer on this post. I do not believe in capital punishment for any person for any crime.
This man, Richard Stickler, was given a recess appointment by George Bush in Oct 06. He was twice passed over by Congress which was still in the hands of the republicans at that time. Even they could see that this man was a dirtbag.

About a month ago the head of China's FDA was found to be corrupt. He was given a firing squad for his efforts.
Now I reiterate, that no American should be given a firing squad. BUT. The heads of companies and the government employees who are supposed to giving oversight, should be held personally responsible. Sometimes accidents are no more than that, just accidents. Other times accidents are caused by negligence or just not caring. The second kind of accidents can and should be prevented.
I am not trying to place blame on the Utah mine disaster, because nobody knows yet exactly what happened.


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