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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

No draft, No way.

I can understand that there might be a need for a draft, in some circumstance. WWII was the only time I can see that we needed one. The US was fighting two massive military powers on two fronts at the same time.
We can never give a lunatic like, George The Bloodthirsty, or any following president, an unlimited supply of victims.
The US would not need to compromise or even negotiate with other nations. We wouldn't need to even care what other people think, just threaten them with war.
Some will tell you that a draft of men and women with no deferments would make sure everybody helped defend this country. Folks, that is a load of crap. If somebody like the Bush or Romney kids were drafted they would be sent to Hawaii to guard Pearl Harbor. While the children of the poor,immigrant, and working classes were being sent to some meat grinder, these kids would have a couple of years vacation in Hawaii, paid for by the American taxpayer.


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