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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Myth of 'The Liberal News Media'

I will admit that the media may have been liberal 40 years ago. This isn't 40 years ago.
The problem isn't left or right, but center. I mean center, as a starting point. The wackjobs who cry 'liberal news media' go so far to the right as a group like the John Birch Society, then they call everything to the left of that, liberal. You could get just the opposite by using Mother Jones as center and calling everything to the right of it as conservative.

The real reason I posted about this myth.
Remember about a week ago, Sen.McCain went to Sturgis? The media did their normal fawning job, talking about how warmly Sen.McCain was greeted. They completely failed to mention the rest of the debauchery that goes on at Sturgis. Must have just slipped their mind.

Can you imagine the media stories, if Sen.Obama had taken a day and went to party with the Bloods or the Crypts? That would be a major news story for the rest of the campaign and 6 months afterwards.


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