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Thursday, October 05, 2006

So I went one for three

In baseball that could get me a big contract.
I knew that George Bush was a low-life when he was Gov. of Texas. Then lo and behold he becomes president. People can debate how he became president all they want, but it doesn't change anything because it is over and done with.
Then we had 9/11 and the whole world cried out, 'We are all Americans now'. I thought that even a dirtbag like Bush couldn't screw this up. Well, now I am 0 for 1.
Then we went to Afghanistan. This was a country run by religious extremists, who were probably second to the Spanish Inquisition in being evil. Nobody liked them and we were going after Osama anyway. Then it became 'Osama who' and we turned the country over to drug lords. So now I am 0 for 2.
Then we invaded Iraq for no apparent reason than Bush wanting to be a war president. I was absolutely sure that nothing good could ever come from this inept folly. So I wound up going 1 for 3.
I wonder what the Vegas odds are on Bush ever doing anything intelligent?


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