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Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Amish killings---Part two

No matter what kind of laws we have someone like this shooter will fall through the cracks. I won't give him the satisfaction of even using his name.
I am using him only as a comparison.
He was a caucasian male.
He had a family who loved him. A wife and three children.
He had a house out in the country.
He had a job.
He lived the middleclass life.
Just imagine if this had been a black man. A man who had lived his whole life in slums surrounded by drugs and gangs.
The extreme right would have been calling for the deportation of the blacks.
The right would claim that this is why we need racial profiling.
Bill Bennett would be on all of the religious channels claiming this is why we need to abort all black babies.
The religious right, who have been strangely quiet on this story, would lay all of the blame on video games and rap music.

It seems as if it just depends on whose bull is getting gored.


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